1. blackmagiclab:

    Tomorrow night we’re joined by Shalyah Evans from MTV’s Girl Code and Natasha Vaynblat of the UCB teams Absolutely and Namaste! Katey Healy-Wurzburg, host of The Fascinator, will be doing stand up!

    IT’S GOING TO BE A LOT OF FUN! Hope to see you there!



  2. avcnyc:

    Next Wednesday, October 30th, at 8pm, at The PIT, Meggie Spellman and I will be performing sketches and dancing to the music of the renowned comedy band, The Vigilante! Join us, won’t you?

    Free candy! Costume comments! (We will make comments about your costume) The song “Monster…


  3. thepit-nyc:

    Sketch comediennes Meggie Spellman and Anne Clark take the stage along with their funny friends to bring you the Black Magic Lab Variety show, tonight at 8pm!

    Meggie Spellman (UCB Maude team Ripley) and Anne Clark (Totally, Yes! at The PIT) write sketches together, and once a month they like to perform those sketches in a variety show that also features some of their most talented friends!

    This month we’re joined by:
    Derek Humphrey and Lizzie Martinez

    Previously, this show was known as The Royal Fetus Variety Show until Kate Middleton had to go and actually have that darn baby.

    (via avcnyc)


  4. avcnyc:

    You guys, someday we will look back on all this and be so embarrassed. Then a few years after that we’ll look back on it again and be really quite proud of ourselves. Then a few years after that we’ll be dead.


  5. avcnyc:


    8pm!! The PIT!!! $5!!!!

    We’ll be hanging out in the bar before and after!!



  6. Being pregnant is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No, really.

    Come hang out with us in NYC tomorrow!


  7. I don’t mean to cause a fuss, but is this it?

    Just 2 more days til our big monthly NYC to-do!!


  8. Don’t get angry with me just because I’m the only one kind enough to be honest with you.

    Come party in NYC with us next week!


  9. What’s Margaery Tyrell got that I haven’t got?

    In NYC? Click here!


  10. Managing. Barely.

    NYC-area fans, come see us! http://thepit-nyc.com/show/the-royal-fetus-variety-show-3/



  12. avcnyc:


    Where: The PIT Underground, 123 East 24th Street NY, NY

    When: Wednesday, June 26th, 8pm

    What: A comedy variety show inspired by, based on, and that has nothing and everything to do with Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. There’s a bar in the theatre so it’s also kind of a party to which you are invited. This show is hosted and produced by the sketch duo Black Magic Lab (Anne Victoria Clark and Meggie Spellman)!

    This month we also have special guest Sean O’Reilly (Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams, NYTVF finalist) doing stand-up!

    And our musical guests are UCB East regulars Summer and Eve, a folky musical comedy band. (http://summerandeve.com/summerandeve/Home.html)

    Tickets are available for $5 in cash at the box office OR in advance online: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/308377

    See you there!


  13. What do you mean “public” transport?


  14. Are you ready for the royal birth? WELL GET READY YOU SORRY PEASANTS!

    We’ll be back at The PIT June 26th at 8pm for another Royal Fetus Variety Show! Tickets are $5 and drinks are cheap! More details coming very soon.


    Watch my interview on Pop Sugar LIVE! at 4 pm EST: http://www.popsugar.com/Watch-POPSUGAR-LIVE-Now-30704120

    Stay obnoxiously classy, everyone!


  15. beardtv asked: HI! I was at the Royal Fetus show you did tonight at the PIT. My friends and I thought it was really funny! My personal favorite was Bone Arm Girl. Please do more! Also, love the work you do on this blog. These captions never fail to make me laugh.

    Thank you sooooooooo so much! I was so happy people came out and enjoyed themselves! We had a LOT of fun doing it and there will be more to come! Stay classy! Happy Thursday!!!!!