1. kuqo said: Please post more pics! SO much opportunity for baby-related puns now! :D

    I am!!! I am working on this this evening and weekend, so there will be more updates soon. Right now I’m wrapping gifts for underpriviliged children. If you haven’t bought a gift for an underprivileged child this holiday season, please do that right away. Or, you can donate to one of the following lovely charitiable organizations:

    http://www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/ (a Hyperemesis Gravidarum support organization!) http://nycares.org/ (Please help my city recover from the impact of hurricane Sandy! Many people in the area are in for a very stressful holiday season!)

    …and by the time you get done doing that there will be more hilarious pictures up for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays, everyone! - Anne

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