1. Being pregnant is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No, really.

    Come hang out with us in NYC tomorrow!


  2. I don’t mean to cause a fuss, but is this it?

    Just 2 more days til our big monthly NYC to-do!!


  3. Don’t get angry with me just because I’m the only one kind enough to be honest with you.

    Come party in NYC with us next week!


  4. What’s Margaery Tyrell got that I haven’t got?

    In NYC? Click here!


  5. Managing. Barely.

    NYC-area fans, come see us! http://thepit-nyc.com/show/the-royal-fetus-variety-show-3/



  7. What do you mean “public” transport?


  8. Are you ready for the royal birth? WELL GET READY YOU SORRY PEASANTS!

    We’ll be back at The PIT June 26th at 8pm for another Royal Fetus Variety Show! Tickets are $5 and drinks are cheap! More details coming very soon.


    Watch my interview on Pop Sugar LIVE! at 4 pm EST: http://www.popsugar.com/Watch-POPSUGAR-LIVE-Now-30704120

    Stay obnoxiously classy, everyone!


  9. See what happens when you forget to bring a gift?



  11. What would I keep in it??


  12. Learning to be a royal is tricky business.


  13. It’s because of the gigantic diamond on it.